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Concert Meet is a place to find people to go to concerts with. accepts gifts in the form of eGift Cards.

The minimum gift amount is $25 and the maximum is $2,000.
Any gift amount will put your name on our site as a donor acknowledgement.
Add your name, business, website,social networking or group.
Donating helps keep the site going and you can display your name and personal information on our donors page. The gift donation acknowledgements on the website stay displayed for life.
The highest amounts gifted always stay at the top of the list on the donations page.
Donating allows you to display your name, a business or group you represent and a website or social networking address.
Directions: Go to eGift Cards In the section titled "2. Gift card details" give your real name, a screenname, nickname, or a alias. Add your business name or group name. Give your website site address, your address on Concertmeet, another social networking account, or any address you want (If the link content complies with this site terms.) Send your eGift Card donations to